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Trade Show Success in Shanghai
Stollberg  April 15, 2013

PTF records a success on the "Laser World of Photonics" trade show in Shanghai, China.

Pfueller Precision technology (Suzhou) Ltd., based in the Chinese city of Suzhou (near Shanghai) and a fully owned subsidiary of PTF Holding GmbH located in Stollberg, Germany, presented its services to an interested audience for the second time again this year at the “Laser World of Photonics” trade show, which took place at the Shanghai Expo Center from March 19 – 21, 2013.

PTF made a convincing impression with instructive prototypes from the relevant industry sectors. Since 1992, PTF has specialized in the machining of highly complex precision mechanical parts used for laser technologies, among others. Further sectors include medical technology, the food industry and, for example, aeronautics.

PTF’s products attracted a great deal of interest at the trade show in Shanghai. PTF was already fielding inquiries from interested companies about the project and its feasibility onsite, and some companies visited PTF’s site in Suzhou in the days that followed. The first contracts are already being negotiated. For the company, this is a clear sign that PTF is on the right track with its focus.

Currently new machines are expected to arrive at the Suzhou site that will significantly expand production capacities. As a result, PTF Suzhou will support both CNC milling, which has been used at the main plant since 1992, and CNC turning. Until now, the focus has been on precision milling. In response to the high demand of existing customers, the company is now also investing in this segment. Both focus on highly precise CNC components with precise tolerances regarding form and position. The Suzhou site currently has 28 employees and will continue to grow in the future.

PTF is currently expanding internationally. In addition to the locations in Germany and China, a location in the USA is to follow in the not too distant future; intensive preparations are already in progress.

With 190 employees in three plants, PTF manufactures highly complex components and component parts with series of 25 to 1 million per unit and year and is developing more and more into a systems provider. PTF also offers the design or design support in the development process as well as all mechanical processes, surface coatings and the assembly of component parts inside or outside the cleanroom.

About PTF

PTF is an international leading company which produces highly complex mechanical high-tech precision parts and assemblies. With a high degree of expertise and production locations in Germany and China PTF can satisfy requirements of customers from all over the world. PTF's products are used in the semiconductor industry, the food industry, medical technology, laser industry and the aerospace industry.

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